Echoes from Tripoli let believe that a UNSMIL’s new round of political dialogue between the GNC and Tobruk’s House of Representatives (HoR) would take place on Wednesday 11 February in Ghadamas, southwest of Tripoli, on border with Algeria. On the eve of these talks Nouri Bousahmin, president of the GNC, addressed an open letter to the EU Parliament in which the Congress reiterated its conditions for dialogue with the HoR, under the auspices of the UN. Under the political dialogue section in the letter, the GNC set four conditions as necessary for a successful dialogue. First, respect of the Constitutional Declaration and the Supreme Court’s decision of 6 November 2011. Second, establishing a taskforce to form a national unity government that would oversee the remainder of the transition period during which the constitution drafting committee would deliver its tasks. Besides, the GNC insists that no foreign intervention of any kind would be part of the implementation of any outcome of the dialogue. This is understood as a response to Bernardino Leon’s talk to the FT a couple of weeks ago discussing a possible peace-keeping force on the ground in Libya. The GNC also insisted that no legal immunity would be given to anyone wanted by the Prosecutor (i.e. Hafter would not be part of any political dialogue nor agreement). On the ground, clashes between Hafter’s armed group and Benghazi’s Revolutionary Council fighters intensified over the last few days resulting in dozens killed on both sides.

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