A fresh three-day round of political dialogue took place in Skhirat, Morocco last week under the auspices of UNSMIL. The meeting convened four representatives of the Tripoli-GNC and Tobruq-House of Representatives. According to UNSMIL’s press release the discussions focused on the forming of a consensus government and security measures for cease-fire and demilitarization of towns. Although not identified by name in the communique but it is now known that the GNC proposed discussing not only the executive body that would govern the transition period until a constitution is adopted, but also the forming of a new legislative body to support the national unity government. The GNC proposed in Skhirat that a presidential council be formed composed of six members (three for the GNC and as many for the HoR). The presidential council be in charge of sovereignty affairs and oversight of the transition unity government. The latter, according to the GNC proposal, would comprise two chambers: the GNC and the HoR). It is unlikely that the HoR would accept the GNC’s proposal when the two delegations meet again on Wednesday with Bernardino Leon in Morocco.

Meanwhile, Algiers has announced another track of intra-Libyan dialogue in Algiers, on Tuesday 10 March. The Algerian authorities say that their initiative is complementary to UNMSIL’s, but the latter’s press release on Tuesday makes no mention of the Algiers initiative. Algerian media outlets speak of an inclusive dialogue that would convene influential Libyan conflict stakeholders including Mahmoud Jbril, Mohamed Sawan, Abdelhakim Belhaj, Juma Gemmati, and others. Algiers says that its initiative is the result of moths of consultations with around 200 Libyan actors who made public and secret visits to Algiers.
On the ground, clashes continued among Libyan armed groups in different parts of the country. Khalif Hafter, who was appointed by the Tobruq-HoR general commander of the army launched a series of bombing raids on the Maetiga airport in Tripoli, on the eve and during the UNSMIL’s dialogue round in Morocco last week.

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