On Sunday 28th June, the delegations of the Tripoli GNC and the Tobruk House of Representatives met for the first time face to face at the UN negotiating table in Morocco. Bernardino Leon hand the two parties to the conflict stalemate an amended fourth draft of the political agreement. While the HoR seems to agree to the amended draft, the GNC considered that its reservations on the fourth draft were not taken into consideration. The GNC asked specifically to clarify four main issues in the draft. First, how the national unity government and sovereignty posts are appointed and how confidence in the government could be withdrawn? Second, the article regarding the military and security institutions is not clear: would the army be re-formed or just re-activated? Third, the breakdown of the composition of the proposed state council: would it be formed from only the existing GNC members or a combination of the GNC and tribal and civil society members? Fourth, the term of the HoR: would it start from the date of the signature of the political agreement and what would be the validity of legislation made in Tobruk during the conflict? Both delegations returned to Libya for consultations with their respective bodies. The dialogue teams are due to meet again in Morocco on Wednesday July 1st, according to Leon. Some news outlets reported that the GNC insists on mentioning Islam as source of legislation in the agreement, but no confirmation of this issue transpired from sources close to the GNC. In the Tobruk camp Mahmoud Jibril’s National Forces Front welcomed the prospect of an agreement and cautioned, in a communique, that “forming the government of national unity should be based on a national salvation programme and competence, and not be subject to quota bargaining” among conflict stakeholders. Leon had met with leaders of some armed groups in Misrata last week. His move upset the GNC. Leon seems to be trying to gather support of the Misrata groups for the draft agreement to compel the GNC into signing the agreement. However, power dynamics are shifting. Observers think that the GNC is no longer dependent on Misrata’s strong group within the Libya Dawn force, after the GNC formed the Defiance (Alsumoud) force built exclusively from Tripoli’s own fighters.

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