The sentencing of a 22 year-old man to one year’s imprisonment for homosexual acts has been a source of debate between Tunisian political figures. The sentence, as well as the examination methods used by the prosecution to produce evidence against the man (pseudonym Marwan), was denounced by al-Qotb and al-Massar parties, and the “Commission on Rights and Liberties” of the Assembly of People’s Representatives. Human Rights Watch has said that the decision violates Tunisia’s constitution and international law.

Samir Ettaieb, Secretary General of al-Massar, believes the decision demonstrates that public figures within the country – including the Grand Mufti of Tunisia – “espouse the ideology of Daesh” (Islamic State). The prison sentence has led the Tunisian Minister of Justice, amongst others, to call for the amendment of the relevant article of the constitution, but in an interview televised on a state visit to Egypt, President Caïd Essebsi announced his opposition to any abrogation to the article.

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