Roughly two weeks after the end of the term of the Tobruk House of Representatives (HoR) on 20 October, UNSMIL has not been able to convince the conflict parties in Tobruk and Tripoli to sign the proposed draft agreement. A few days after the 20 October deadline Leon set for reaching an agreement, he made a short appearance in Tunis where he said that the only way forward to end the Libyan conflict was to continue dialogue. In response to rumours of his replacement by Martin Kobler, a German veteran diplomat, the UN issued a press release in which it re-affirmed that Leon is still the UN envoy to Libya. In this regard, there are reports that Leon has suggested to increase the members of the Presidential Council of the proposed unity government from six to nine. Meanwhile, efforts to reach an agreement continue on other tracks. There are echoes that a meeting between deputies of the south (Fezan) on both sides (GNC and HoR) took place in Tunisia a week ago. Last weekend, Aoudh Mohamed Sadek, vice president of the GNC, said that a meeting between members of the HoR and the GNC took place with the aim of unblocking the deadlock. Algiers has moved last week to re-engage the Libyan conflict through the Libya neighbouring countries forum initiated in in early 2015. A meeting of the Egyptian, and Italian foreign ministers took place in Algiers last weekend.

Militarily, several high-ranking military officers and two leaders of pro-GNC armed groups aboard a helicopter perished when it was shot down in west Libya.

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