Month: February 2015

Tunis Adopts “Positive Neutrality” towards Libyan Conflict Stakeholders

In the aftermath of aggravation of an already deteriorating situation in Libya, Tunis has apparently judged it wiser to adapt its policy towards the rival governments in Libya (GNC’s Hassi government and HoR’s Thenni cabinet) and adopt “positive neutrality” as...

/ February 23, 2015

Increasing Difficulties in the Dialogue Process

UNSMIL’s dialogue efforts has become the latest causality of the aftermath of ISIL’s ruthless execution of 21 Copts in Sirte, and the Egyptian regime’s retaliation air raids on reportedly ISIL assets in Derna, in northeast Libya. The deteriorating security situation...

/ February 23, 2015

Habib Essid faces his First Southern Challenge

Prime Minsiter Habaib Essid’s first cabinet meeting on 9 February took place on the backdrop of violent protests in Dheheba and Ben Guerdane on the Tunisian-Libyan border. The protests were triggered by the introduction of a border-crossing tax of 30...

/ February 9, 2015