Mohamed Ben Sheikh, ambassador’s secretary at the Tunisian mission to Libya, appeared on a Youtube clip pleading for President Monsif Merzouki to resume negotiations with the militant Islamist group Shabab-Al Tawhid. The Islamist group demanded the release of two Libyans sentenced, in May 2011, to 20 years in prison. The video clip concluded with a message from the group to the Tunisian government: “To the Tunisian government, as you capture from us, so we will capture from you and as you kill us, so we will kill you.” On April 24, William Burns, US Deputy Secretary of State reiterated Washington’s commitment to support Libyan security institution building. He said, “We recognise the severity of that threat … that’s why we have a sense of urgency and such a sense of determination to help Libya build its security capacity to deepen counter-terrorism cooperation and also to promote the kind of healthy political and economic process that increases security over time.”

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