Nine Special Force Brigade soldiers were killed following a heavy assault on the Benghazi Police Headquarters reportedly by Ansar Al-Sharia. The government held Ansar Al-Sharia responsible and warned in a televised communique that it “will not allow the existence of terrorist groups or criminal armed groups or groups outside the legitimacy of the state; and that it does not accept the existence of a state within a state.” This was the first time the government pointed to Ansar Al-Sharia by name and held it responsible. The event dominated Libyan media shows over the weekend amidst news of a bill filed by a Republican Congressman to discuss, on 7 May, the use of drones against Jihadists in Benghazi. A military source told the Libyan Alwasat online news portal that 27 Ansar Al-Sharia fighters were killed during the Friday night assault, including three Algerians, four Syrians and a Yemeni. (Arabic)

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