Businessman Ahmed Maetig was elected to the premiership post following a controversial round of voting at the General National Congress (GNC). Dr. Maetig, who holds a degree in economics from London and reportedly owns a number of businesses in Libya including a hotel in Tripoli, won 67 votes in the first round, last Tuesday, against 34 for Omar Al Hasi, both falling short of the required 120 votes. The second round was violently interrupted when an armed group stormed the GNC building and fired shots, injuring some Congressmen. A third round took place on Sunday where Maetig won 113 votes out of the 152 members who attended. Chaos ensued as the chair of the session left, but his deputy resumed the session, following which Maetig won the 120 necessary votes. PM Maetig has now two weeks to form his government, while some members of the GNC consider his election unconstitutional.

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