The performance of Habib Essid’s government of its first one hundred days in office was the focus of Tunisian media, political and civil societies. The recent string of protests, strikes and unrest that hit several sectors and regions, especially in the south, together with the deteriorating security situation compounded the challenges Essid’s promises faced. I Watch, a Tunisian NGO, published last week a report dubbed Essid Meter in which the NGO traced the implementation progress of Essid’s government. Out of 28 urgent measures Essid pledged to deliver, 22 are in progress while six remained just promises, accord to I Watch. The same goes for ten promises in the development sector, fifteen in the security and economy sectors, six unfulfilled promises in the culture and freedoms sectors, and fifteen in government performance. Habib Essid made specific promises as far as the development of Gafsa town is concerned. Out of ninety-four promises in infrastructure, public utilities, housing and drinking water, none of the projects has started, according to the NGO. President Begi Caid Essebsi received his share of the criticism even from outlets close to the establishment in Tunis. An editorial in La Presse reproaches Essebsi for his quasi-absence from domestic affairs that concern the population. They criticise his silence and self-confinement in the presidential palace while the country experienced unrest and malaise.

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