Last Thursday, Sirte Airport fell under the control of Daech after the withdrawal of the Tripoli government allied forces. Daech took advantage of the security vacuum in Libya, to increase its presence in some cities while the Tripoli and Tobruk governments compete for power. In this regard, the UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, expressed his concern regarding the dangerous threat of Daech in the country, in case the two governments failed to reach a rapid unity agreement. Leon declared that the latest draft of the unity agreement was accepted by Tobruk government while some of Tripoli government had shown their support for a national dialogue. The UN intends to complete, before the end of the two upcoming weeks, the new draft to be discussed by all Libyans. The preparation of the draft is operated in the context of the increased Libyan and regional fears with the approach of October, when the legitimacy of the Tobruk Conference (Congress Tobruk Council) will end.

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