A fourth round of Libyan political dialogue took place in Morocco on 8 June under the auspices of UNSMIL. Bernardino Leon presented the National General Congress (GNC, Tripoli) and House of Representatives (HoR, Tobruk) a fourth draft of UNMSIL’s proposed political agreement to both parties to the conflict. Structured into eight sections the draft agreement proposes the creation of a government of national accord; a legislative authority embodied by the HoR; a high council of the state consisting of 90 members of the GNC, and 30 others representing traditional, national, and civil society figures. The draft document accounts also for confidence building measures; security arrangements; and a constitutional process. While the GNC said that the fourth draft had introduced positive elements and that the Congress would announce its position after consultation, the HoR rejected Leon’s draft altogether and order its delegation to return to Tobruk. The HoR, although empowered in the draft as the only legislative authority (while the GNC was given a consultative status only in the proposed high council of state) considered that the GNC is being kept alive while it was in fact illegal. The HoR also rejects Article 36, section 3, which stipulates that the Government of National Accord shall commit itself to establish and activate the security institutions at the top of which is the army and police.” For the HoR there is already a Libyan army under the command of Khalifa Hafter and that there is no need to re-establish a new army. The position of the HoR is, not a united one, however. While the dialogue delegations were meeting the G7 in Berlin Mahmoud Jibril called, from Brussels, on the HoR to reconsider its position and “try to pin point what is acceptable and not acceptable according to certain criteria” in Leon’s proposal. Division continue to undermine the HoR and its transition government on one hand and Hafter on the other hand. Hafter sacked Faraj Barasi, his army commander for the second time, which angered the Barasi tribe. The Tripoli camp is not that unified as well. Key members of the GNC’s delegation, such as Salah Bekouche, that participated in all first three rounds of dialogue resigned before the fourth round convened, and were replaced. Those who resigned criticised Leon’s allegedly lack of impartiality.

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