Month: May 2015

Daech (“Islamic State/ISIS”) Controls Sirte Airport

Last Thursday, Sirte Airport fell under the control of Daech after the withdrawal of the Tripoli government allied forces. Daech took advantage of the security vacuum in Libya, to increase its presence in some cities while the Tripoli and Tobruk...

/ May 30, 2015

Habib Essid’s First 100 Days Balance Sheet

The performance of Habib Essid’s government of its first one hundred days in office was the focus of Tunisian media, political and civil societies. The recent string of protests, strikes and unrest that hit several sectors and regions, especially in...

/ May 18, 2015

UN’s Oil-for-Food Scenario Haunts Tripoli and Tobruk

Last week marks the first anniversary of the launch of Khalifa Hafter’s Operation Dignity from Benghazi. Speaking on the occasion Hafter pledged again his determination to uproot “terrorist groups” from Libya. Critics of Hafter point to his failure to deliver...

/ May 18, 2015